Article 9.23.20

Posted by Dr. Reggie Bridges on

Life on Mission. Every day, Christ followers are called to embrace His mission and declare His good news. No one is exempt from the task; no one is excused from the responsibility. There are no “second-class” citizens of God’s Kingdom. Moreover, there are no hired professionals to do our work for us. ALL believers are missionaries in their own specific context (i.e. school, workplace, home, etc.). Think of how awesome that truth is! You and I have the great privilege of participating in the eternal work of God’s Kingdom! And we can do it each day as we go about our lives . . . even in moments of pandemic and natural disaster!

I am grateful for a community of faith who is committed to this God-sized agenda and for my fellow leadership (staff, deacons, etc.) who help communicate the vision daily. For example, one of our goals for 2020 is to engage in 1100 gospel conversations. That translates into about one conversation per regular attendee. So far, we have recorded about 800 such moments, and no doubt, there have been more that we haven’t captured yet. Therefore, I want to encourage you to share the Gospel intentionally with someone this week, and then let us know so that we can celebrate collectively as we live on mission together!

Finally, thank you for how you give on mission as well. Just this past week, we were able to contribute a significant amount of groceries to the Louisiana Baptist Children’s Home & Family Ministries as a part of our annual Fall Food Roundup. In addition, we collected many items for Prison Ministry that will be used to advance the Kingdom. Sunday School classes have provided resources to Rolling Hills to aid our friends in Southwest Louisiana as they recover from Hurricane Laura while some of our members have traveled to serve on the frontlines of the work there. And of course, we have already given over $10,000 toward our $28,000 Georgia Barnette State Missions Offering goal (A goal I believe we will surpass in the coming days!). Through your financial support for the missionary endeavor here in the state of Louisiana, disaster relief efforts, church planting, and various other ministry projects will be accomplished. And even more importantly, people will enter into eternal life through Christ Jesus!

My friends, I thank my God continually for allowing me to be your pastor. You live on mission, and you give on mission . . . even when life and ministry is challenging! I am so grateful for you, my Temple family.

Let’s stay united! Let’s stay faithful! Let’s declare His glory! Let’s live and give together! And let’s gather together Sunday!