Article 9.16.20

Posted by Dr. Reggie Bridges on

“Would you pray for Anne?” It was a simple request I offered before our Old Testament survey class began. You see, we always prayed together at the beginning of our Bible classes at Blue Mountain College, and we students regularly shared what was on our hearts for that intercessory moment. The professor accepted my appeal and asked one of my fellow students to commit Anne to the Father in prayer. Class then got underway, and we were off into the story of the Old Testament. Somewhere along the way, my mind began to “clear,” and I began to recognize my mistake. That summer semester, I was taking English Literature in the morning and followed up by attending Old Testament immediately afterward. There had been many sleepless nights of study and work, and it was though the distinction between literature and reality had been blurred. “Would you pray for Anne?” The question itself exemplified that conflation of two worlds. As I sat there in class, I realized that I had just asked the class to pray for a character in my English Literature story! What an embarrassment! Thankfully, none of those students noticed my error, but I was horrified that I could transport a character from literature into the contemporary setting with such ease.

Yet, as I have preached through the study of Moses, I have similarly welcomed him into my daily experience. I feel like I have walked with him, cried with him, and rejoiced with him. The biblical character has become so real! I pray that you have identified with him as well and that the study has helped you grow in faith.  Even this past Sunday’s text that recorded Moses’ death presented me with great peace as I was reminded that it occurred “according to the word of the Lord.” No doubt, God held Moses in the palm of His hand. And so, He holds us!  He determines the number of our days, and nothing can circumvent His ultimate plan for us. No COVID-19, no hurricanes, and no wildfires can take me before it is my appointed time. Certainly, we should be wise and live prudently each day; but in the end, we must trust the Lord for life itself. He rules, and He reigns. We should live like it!

This coming Sunday, I will begin a new series from Revelation 1-3 that I’ve entitled “A Word to the Church.” Those three chapters both comfort and challenge us as a church. Indeed, we are called to be faithful to Christ and rest in His victory. I’m excited about this new series, and I hope you will commit to be a part of it with me! We will also celebrate the Lord’s Supper together as we remember and rejoice in the Lord’s work! It is going to be a great day! Hope to see you then!