Article 9.11.19

Posted by Dr. Reggie Bridges on

Wow! What a Sunday we had this past week! It was so awesome to see the cars piling into our parking lots as their occupants headed to worship and/or Sunday School at 9 a.m. And even more, how blessed we were by the Spirit’s dynamic power evidenced in all our morning worship services! However, God did not limit His work to Sunday morning. On Sunday night, our “regular” Sunday night service provided the context to pray for our South Asia partnership and the Gospel’s expansion there. At the same time, our high school students kicked off their first ever Sunday night worship event. Middle schoolers have their main worship event now on Wednesday nights, and between the two services, we had over 85 youth! Meanwhile, college students overran my house, yard, and street as they ate and fellowshipped together.  I loved it! And if all this was not enough, our first new believers were baptized at The Springs! Three of them! Did I just hear you say, “Amen?”  That is what our work is about. We didn’t simply want to revitalize Barnett Springs to be a home to those who already attend a church; rather, our desire was to reach new people for Christ! And God is opening up the doors! Of course, I am reminded that what we saw Sunday only represents a small fraction of what God wants to do here and around the globe. 

I want to encourage you to stay faithful in both your daily testimony and in your consistent giving. In particular, please pray about your financial support for the missionary endeavor here in the state of Louisiana. Through the collection of what we call the Georgia Barnette State Missions Offering, we support church planting/compassion ministries/disaster relief/etc. throughout our own state. We know firsthand how the Georgia Barnette resources can touch our local communities. Through the faithful giving of our Louisiana Baptist brothers and sisters to the offering, The Springs received $35,000 to upgrade the facilities there. Furthermore, Bro. George receives a monthly stipend for his work through the Georgia Barnette funds. Temple’s offering goal this year is $27,500. I pray we would step up and multiply our contributions to our state missions offering as we continue the Gospel advancement together!

On a final note, we are launching a five-week study this Sunday night aimed at encouraging and refocusing us in Him. I encourage you to gather with your Sunday School class (and its associates!) in a home/church setting to study Downpour and see the renewing aspects of Christ’s presence in your life. If for some reason you cannot make it to a home or small group context, we will have the same study in the Chapel on Sunday nights. The time for our study is 5:30-6:30 p.m. Parents with childcare reservations may drop your children off at 5:15 p.m. with pick-up by 6:45 p.m.    

Let’s praise the Lord for how He is moving in our midst! And let’s keeping working hard for His Kingdom! See you Sunday!