Article 8.8.18

Posted by Dr. Reggie Bridges on

“You still have old people here!” Such was the observation I heard in a recent conversation about our church, and within the expression itself, I sensed both surprise and joy at the realization. The individual seemed to be so happy about it! Of course, I affirmed the truthfulness of the statement as I recognized that we do have senior adults in our faith community. (We even have two of the oldest residents of Ruston in our congregation—Dwight Anderson and Dale Oden!) But I had forgotten how having senior adults in our church is part of our distinctive characteristic. We at Temple are part of a multigenerational family seeking to become authentic followers of Jesus Christ.   We are composed of older adults, middle-age adults, young adults, youth, and children. And how blessed we are that all generations find a home at Temple!

Consider for a moment our upcoming month of ministry. This weekend, our temple-tech College Ministry will take its largest group ever to its annual Beach Retreat. Over 180 college students will attend (104 freshmen!), along with about 40 adults and families. I think that is incredible! Pray for everyone’s safety as they travel, for God to work in their midst, for the Holy Spirit to speak through Dr. Galen Turner, and for decisions of salvation/recommitment to occur. 

On Wednesday, August 15, our campus will be overrun with children as we kick off our M3 (Missions, Music, & More!) fall activities. Between music and missions, our children will experience the worship and work of Christ. And while that takes place, our youth will continue to gather for their Youth Wednesday Night Worship.

Then as we move on in August, we will begin our Senior Adult Summer Bible Study. Dr. Argile Smith will return to lead us in our study of 1 Peter. I always love hosting Dr. Smith and hearing him teach God’s Word.

And certainly, I could list many other activities which cut across the generational spectrum this month, but these highlight the point I want to make—how many churches have a well-attended college beach retreat one week, and within a few days of that, transition not only to children’s/youth activities but also host a fruitful senior adult Bible study? Not many! I say again, we are blessed! Yes, we have old and young! We have grandparents, parents, and children! We have a multigenerational faith family! And that is the way it should be! Would you ask the Lord to continue to add all generations to our membership? Would you work with me to ensure we see that diversity among our membership? I hope and pray you will.

As I close, I do ask you to join me in interceding for our Educators as they begin a new academic year. Pray that God will use each one of them to impact his/her students for Christ. Also, continue to lift up our Associate Minister of Music Search Committee as well as our Minister to Young Adults Search Committee as they do their work. 

You are loved, Temple Baptist Church! See you Sunday!