Article 8.5.20

Posted by Dr. Reggie Bridges on

Excitement! Energy! Expectancy! You could sense it in our midst this past Sunday. From The Journey Place to the Youth Room to Fellowship Hall to the Sanctuary to the gathering, there was a spirit of renewal pervading our campus. And how welcomed that Spirit was! Perhaps the return of families and individuals to small group Bible study and to worship itself set the context for the Spirit’s refreshing work. Perhaps the tremendous music provided the warm setting. Perhaps it was the reading of God’s powerful Word. Or perhaps it was simply a grace gift from our Heavenly Father. In any case, I praise Him for the day and for His work on campus and online!

Truly, God reminded me that the work of the church cannot cease through these days. In fact, the Lord has uniquely fashioned us for times like these! We must keep studying together. We must keep sharing the good news of Jesus. We must keep baptizing. We must keep moving the Kingdom forward. Sure, we do it wisely and maybe even creatively. But we do it! And we do it with the peace of God surrounding us. The Spirit spoke to me through this statement: “Take precautions, but the let Christ’s peace settle your mind and heart.” As you have heard me say, we do need to show prudence in our efforts; but we also should display peace in our lives. We can’t cower in fear; rather, we live in His victory every day!

This past Sunday, we celebrated a baptism in our service. Even as I write this article, I am preparing to baptize a young lady who accepted Christ some weeks ago. And next week, we will celebrate with a young man who found salvation at our recent Staycation Bible School. Isn’t that awesome? Now some of these will be baptized during the week (e.g. on a Tuesday) so that vulnerable family members can attend, but you will be able to celebrate with them as the video is shown in our worship services! Again, the church continues to function as the church! So, we should be excited, energized, and expectant every time we join together!

Thank you for your continued faithfulness in this effort! Because you continue to have gospel conversations in your families, workplaces, and neighborhoods, we are still seeing people saved. (BTW, remember we set a goal of 1100 gospel conversations this year; and already, we have reached over 763! Please let us know if you have had a gospel conversation so that we can record it and pray for the person you shared with.) Because you are giving faithfully to the weekly offerings, we are supporting our mission partners—many who are hurting right now—and we are ministering in several benevolence opportunities. Because you are resilient in studying God’s Word, we are seeing spiritual growth. Because you are praying, we are seeing people recover from sicknesses. And I could go on and on as to your faithfulness! Thank you for all you do . . . even when you are self-isolated at home! God is still blessing through you, and His Temple family remains strong and vibrant. You are loved my friends! And you are being utilized in His Kingdom!