Article 8.28.19

Posted by Dr. Reggie Bridges on

One of the things I love about Temple Baptist Church is her commitment to reach individuals for Christ. Whether in Ruston or in South Asia, our folks are willing to do whatever it takes to impress the Gospel into people’s lives. Take for example our upcoming Sunday morning schedule change. Beginning this Sunday at 9 a.m., we will begin a new Sunday School hour while the Blended Worship in the Sanctuary and the gathering simulcast, contemporary worship, in The Gathering Space continue. At 10:30 a.m., our second Sunday School will begin in tandem with the second contemporary worship, the gathering, in The Gathering Space. A lot of planning and preparation has been done to implement this transition, and many of our members have stepped up. Indeed, the Temple family has met the logistical challenges head on, and we are ready to move to the new schedule. (Of course, we are going to be evaluating our efforts over the next few weeks and appropriately tweaking things.) Again, why are we moving to this new Sunday morning schedule? First and foremost, it will give us more room to begin new Sunday School classes. We have seen time and time again that when we begin new units we reach more people. The dual Sunday School times will allow us to better use the rooms we have without having to construct new educational space. Moreover, I am convinced the earlier time for the second gathering will be more conducive in reaching young families. Please help us spread the word about this change. Tell your family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers. Repost our announcement on social media. And most importantly, pray that our Lord will use this new format to reach people for His glory!

In addition to program revisions, we are also addressing personnel changes that we believe will better position us to make a greater difference in our local ministries. As you may have noted already, we will be having a Special Called Business Meeting on Wednesday, September 4, to consider the establishment of a new full-time ministerial staff position, Minister of Community Engagement. This additional staff person will serve as the pastor of The Springs and also direct our local missions/ministries opportunities. Yes, Bro. George Lee is carrying out some of these responsibilities, but you may not be aware that he is currently serving in a part-time ministerial role. Our hope is that we can move him to this full-time position and see our local missions and ministries expand exponentially. According to our Bylaws, the new position must be established by the church; subsequently, a search committee will be formed. On September 4, the Deacon Council, in concurrence with the Personnel Committee, will present a motion to form the new position. I hope you will be there for the discussion and for the opportunity to move the ministry of our local area ahead.

God is doing some awesome things in our midst! LA Tech is about to be back in full swing, and the traffic is going to increase substantially. Let’s take this time to pray and work for the King and His Kingdom. And oh yeah, let’s commit to worship together. This week, Dr. James Dew, the President of THE New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, will bring the message during our Sunday morning services. I’m so excited that we can host him as he literally begins his journey at the School of Providence and Prayer. You will not want to miss this week! See you Sunday!