Article 8.26.20

Posted by Dr. Reggie Bridges on

For some years, Temple Baptist Church has extended the invitation for individuals to gather around the Word. Pastors like Dr. Robert Magee and Dr. Rick Byageron emphasized the centrality of the biblical witness in our faith and practice, and they systematically taught through the Scripture. Personally, I love that our faith family places priority upon the life-transforming truth of God. Too many today either neglect or reject its import for our lives; but thankfully, Temple has not followed the spiritual charlatans of our culture. Instead, we have committed ourselves to studying/sharing God’s authoritative, inerrant revelation. Every week we enjoy opportunities to gather together and make the Word central to our lives. How blessed I am to share these moments with you! Whether it is a Sunday morning as we watch God teach Moses what leadership truly is or whether it is a Wednesday night as we hear Peter explain how we live in submission as we walk in Christ’s steps, we are able to study together. And even through technological capabilities, we can gather around the Word. I want to encourage you to remain faithful to these moments. Join us on campus or online as the Lord grants you opportunity. Take advantage of studying together. Participate in our corporate worship as well as your small group (Sunday School) setting. It is essential in ever-changing, difficult times to be anchored in the never-changing,
life-providing Word!   

But may I also mention another important element involved in this discipleship process? God has not just called you to gather around the Word; He has instructed you to live out the Word. In other words, Christ has called you to integrate His message within your being and act upon it accordingly. Instead of trying simply to get through the Word, you are to allow the Word to get through you. Whether in the family context, the classroom, or the workplace, you are to demonstrate love, truth, and holiness in who you are. You are to be the testimony of Jesus Christ in thought, word, and deed! This coming Sunday morning, we will consider “The Framework for a Godly Culture,” a practical model for how we live in relationship with God and others. I do hope you can study Exodus 20 with us, but more importantly, I pray you will commit to live out His truth.

Many of you already live out the Word in your daily lives, and I am so grateful for you. I truly marvel at the way in which our great God has continued to use our Temple family for His glory. I especially lift you up in prayer this week as you assume whatever role necessary to demonstrate His Word—teachers/professors, doctors, plant workers, moms, engineers, painters, nurses, waiters, administrators, oil field hands, accountants, dads, supervisors, etc. The winds of renewal and expectation are blowing around us!
May we experience that refreshing presence as we live out the Word! See you Sunday!