Article 7.3.19

Posted by Dr. Reggie Bridges on

Wow! What an awesome time of worship and fellowship we experienced this past Sunday. I love living life with the Temple family. Whether it is studying His Word together or breaking bread together, I enjoy being a part of this faith community.  To me, we are bound in Christ! Across the generational spectrum, Temple provides the context for us to minister and serve together. How blessed we are to serve in a church that embraces that atmosphere! We are a growing family, but we also remain a connected family! Thanks be to Him!

Of course, when I say that I love living life with you all, I recognize that experience goes beyond Sundays. Each day, my life is enriched by our ministry together. It may be a simple conversation on the street or a visit in the hospital. It may be seeing you at a children’s camp or serving with you on a mission trip. It may even just be the acknowledgment that we are “on mission” together every day. In any case, I want to say thanks for allowing my family and me to live with you.  We are much better for it!

As we approach the next few days together, I ask you specifically to pray for our upcoming events.

We have over 350 signed up for WinShape Camp
already! Pray for God to direct the camp leaders as they positively influence the students in their relationships with Jesus Christ.

Lift up our college students as they continue to serve throughout the nations. From U.S. cities to Canada to Australia, these young people are taking the Gospel of Christ with them. Indeed, they are undergirding our partnerships and are making a kingdom impact.

Pray also for the continued work of The Springs. Bro. George is giving excellent leadership to that ministry and its outreach.

The mission of Christ . . . that is what we are called to fulfill. Lately, I’ve been especially convicted that we must redouble our efforts to make His name known in Ruston and beyond. We must be willing to do whatever it takes to declare His glory to our neighbors and the nations! I’m so grateful that I get to engage in this epic adventure with you! See you Sunday!