Article 7.31.19

Posted by Dr. Reggie Bridges on

It is hard to believe that our summer is quickly coming to an end—especially since the oppressive heat remains! Yet, August is here; and soon, students and teachers will be returning to school. In my perspective, this summer has been a memorable season of ministry and mission. In virtually every area of Temple Baptist Church, we have witnessed God’s incredible presence and power. Take missions for example. We have trekked across the globe in an effort to share the Gospel of Christ. From Boston to East Asia, from Birmingham to Puerto Rico, from Chicago to South Asia, from West Palm Beach to West Yellowstone, from Arlington to Calgary, our teams ministered and proclaimed the Good News. In addition, we have continued His work right here in Ruston. We have gathered to celebrate and worship. We have studied and experienced authentic fellowship. We have even reached out to our community through events like block parties, the annual patriotic program, Vacation Bible School, and WinShape Camp. Moreover, the Springs has continued its weekly outreach efforts. In other words, there has been no summer vacation for the Temple family. We have been about His business!

I point out this reality not to brag but to express thanks. First, I am grateful that God allows us to experience such work and blessing. Without His invitation to join Him, we would be left to fend for ourselves. Second, I am appreciative of a leadership team that communicates both vision and determination. Our leadership staff is truly committed “to love Him fully and follow Him faithfully.” Third, I am thankful for the hands and feet that move the ministry. In most cases, these are the people behind the scenes—literally hundreds of volunteers who cook, teach, sing, and serve in various capacities. This selfless army enables us to fulfill God’s agenda and empowers us to reach for new heights. For example, Bill Cox and his kitchen crew helped sustain us over the past few months as we ate together on Wednesday nights and at other special events. We couldn’t have gotten by without them! To them, I say thank you. (By the way, Glenda Robbins is returning as our Kitchen Coordinator next week as we resume our Wednesday Family Night Meals for the fall!) Indeed, there is no family like the Temple family when it comes to the giving of time and energy for the Kingdom’s sake.    

Yes, the 2019 summer is coming to an end, but its activities will have a long-lasting impact. Again, thanks to those of you who have contributed to this effort, and may God continue to use us all as we serve together in the coming months! Looking forward to gathering with you on Sunday morning as we dig into the book of Haggai and experience His renewing presence together! See you then!