Article 7.15.20

Posted by Dr. Reggie Bridges on

This past Sunday, we recognized our 2020 high school graduates, and we prayed for them as they enter into a new chapter of their lives. No doubt, the last few pages of their story did not read the way they imagined. Canceled prom, abbreviated sport seasons, restricted graduations, and more. Disappointment and even frustration have littered their/our experiences. But how grateful I am that God still has a plan for them and for us! Just as God affirmed the frustrated Moses in Exodus 11:1-3, so He speaks to us and calls us to continue His work.

As a matter of fact, I have been reminded even more how we must reach the next generation with the gospel. Recently, our ministerial staff received a note from Maggie Brakeville, a former templetech alum who also served as Louisiana Tech’s SGA President. In it, she addressed the rebranding of our College Ministry and reflected on her days here: “I pray that God uses this name change to greatly impact His kingdom! templetech will hold a special place in my heart because it is where I met Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior! Before my time at Temple, I was simply wandering through life with no cause or purpose. But in typical God-fashion, He showed me the error of my ways and gave me amazing friends to help me grow and understand who He is. I can only imagine how many other people have the same story! So, I am excited to hear of you all expanding to Delta and Grambling!” Wow! Isn’t that awesome! A story of a young woman who saw her life transformed in Christ through the ministry of our church! You see, Maggie just graduated with her law degree from the University of Kansas, but she traces her discovery of purpose back to our church family. My friends, that is what we must be about. We must be reaching students from pre-k all the way through graduate school! Of course, there is much uncertainty as to what the school year may look like, but in some creative ways, we have to help them grow in Christ. 

I know many of us are rightly concerned about physical health right now, but our spiritual welfare is so important. In fact, much more significant! Think about it. Our Daily lives totally disrupted in order to protect our family, friends, neighbors, and even strangers . . . and again, they should be! Yes, we are encouraging you to heed the Governor’s mandate to wear masks, even at church. What I am convicted by is whether or not we have been willing to dismiss our traditional stances and practices in order to protect others from spiritual sickness as well. In other words, what would we be willing to do or even sacrifice to help people know life in Christ Jesus? Wouldn’t it be a tragedy if we fail to impact another “Maggie” for our Lord because we had become so distracted with the frustrations or perhaps logistics of the present context? We can’t afford to neglect our Gospel commitment! If anything, we should be motivated to reflect Jesus Christ more and more . . . especially to the generations who follow us. Our children need to know that our God is the only One Who can bring physical and spiritual healing! They need to see it expressed in our verbal expression and in our deed. They need us to stand strong in conviction. And together in His grace, we will see more “Maggie’s” conformed to His image! Let’s make that happen, Temple family!