Article 6.5.19

Posted by Dr. Reggie Bridges on

If you have driven past the church this week, you may have thought we had transformed it into some type of jungle, teeming with exotic animals. And you would be partly right!  Preschoolers and children have poured down the halls and into classrooms . . . I mean they have ventured into the wild! They have been to Bullfrog Bog – Swamp (i.e. music), Cockatoo Canopy (i.e. crafts), and the Watering Hole (i.e. Bible study). They have even been indulged in energy food (i.e. simple snacks) at Grizzly Gulch, and they have been sent out on mission from the Pachyderm Path. (In other words, we sugared them up and sent them home to you!) I can honestly say Temple has been a happening place this week!

We Southern Baptists refer to this event as Vacation Bible School; and for many of us, it is dear to our hearts. Our summer would not be complete without it! However, our affection for VBS is not determined by the themed-posters, the music, the crafts, or the games. Rather, we love VBS because it provides us a wonderful venue to share the Gospel of Christ with the children in our church and community. Whether they come to a saving knowledge of Christ or whether they are drawn closer to Him, children are blessed through VBS. 

Many of us can testify personally as to the impact this effort has had in our lives. We can relate how we were saved at VBS or perhaps how our children and grandchildren were saved. My hope is that we will see the same results this week. As we begin to experience this harvest, I want to ask you to join me in praying for these specific requests: For God to
1) Convict and confirm children in their salvation; 2) Give parents and church leadership the discernment and wisdom to help these children in their decisions; 3) Give these new believers courage to follow through in their decisions and be baptized; and, 4) Initiate a desire within these children to grow into His image. 

Through our prayers and instruction, we can see our children adopt the wise way of Jesus Christ. So, let’s be faithful to the task and expect Him to work. See you Sunday!