Article 5.9.18

Posted by Dr. Reggie Bridges on

Wow!  What an awesome Combined Worship Service we had this past Sunday morning! As I mentioned then, SEND Sunday is one of my favorite moments all year long. It is one of the very few times that we gather together . . . and we do it to emphasize the “sending” out of our high school seniors, college summer missionaries, etc. To me, it was powerful and challenging to see these young students stand before us in their commitment. In addition, we licensed two young men to ministry as they prepare to enter seminary; and we affirmed another as he joins the work of a church plant in Chicago. Even at the end of the service, we were able to celebrate/commission Louie and Janece Miller as they head to Montana to oversee a Christian camp for the next few weeks. Again, I say “wow”!

I ask, “How many Southern Baptist churches are able to experience such a SEND Sunday?” No doubt, we are doubly blessed to have such an opportunity here in Ruston. We get to see a multigenerational church involved in taking the Gospel locally, nationally, and globally. And we are able to celebrate it together! If you missed this past week, I hope that you will commit yourself to join us next time (And yes, I know that is a year away!). Let’s not take for granted what the Lord has allowed us to enjoy here at Temple. Pray for these we have set aside and for the work/future before them.

This coming week, we turn our attention to Mother’s Day. I will begin a new Sunday morning sermon series from the book of Esther entitled Make It Count: A Life of Destiny. I’m excited about this new study as Esther is one of my favorite books of the Bible! I know it seems that I say that about every passage, but the story of Esther specifically reminds me that God has a plan that He is fulfilling in our lives/world and He wants to use us in that work (“for such a time as this”). Wow! It is good stuff!

Hope you are looking forward to joining us this week as we come together as God’s people! It is going to be a privilege to join together. See you Sunday!