Article 5.30.18

Posted by Dr. Reggie Bridges on

So, the transition has begun! You are probably thinking that I am talking about my “transition” from Disney World back to Ruston. And in some sense, you would be right. As most of you read this article, my family and I will be on the road back to the blessed Lincoln Parish! But that is not exactly the transition to which I am referring. Rather, I’m specifically speaking about the staff changes we are experiencing. If you were in our May Business Meeting, you know that we approved the following individuals to serve as our Associate Minister of Music Search Committee: Dustin Whitlock, Chair; Alicia Ball; Denise Cox; Don Hogan; Ben Humphries; Ty Lolley; and Susan Williams. This group of folks will begin their work next week, and I believe we ought to cover them in prayer as they embark on this important journey. Meanwhile, Kyle Roberts and Jenn Carter began as Co-Interim Worship Leaders in the gathering  this past Sunday. I have full confidence in these two individuals to maintain the quality worship experience to which we have become accustomed in the gathering. Moreover, one of our college students, Bryan Lamb, will assist us with our youth worship band on Wednesday nights. He is a talented young man whom the Lord is using in many different ways.

Also, the church approved the lateral move of Jason Walsworth, our Minister to Young Adults, to Minister of Education/Administration effective January 1, 2019. As you recall, Loy declared his intention to retire at the end of this year. His “early” announcement provides us opportunity to work through this transition in a focused, orderly manner. Moving Jason into this position will ensure stability and effectiveness as we move forward. Again, I am convinced he will fulfill that role in a tremendous way; he has already made a difference here in our congregation through various means!

The Personnel Committee will examine the Minister of Young Adults position and its job description to determine how to move forward. Once that committee makes its assessment, it will act accordingly.

As you can tell, a lot of things are happening in Temple Baptist Church. And while I am not always excited about change, I believe this transition can actually be used by the Lord to strengthen and challenge us in our work. Pray to that end!

And oh yeah . . . you want to talk about excitement and change? Vacation Bible School is next week! When you have that many children on our campus, there is no doubt that you can experience both! Make sure you invite families/children to participate in our VBS, and ask God to use this week to draw those to salvation who are ready to be saved . . . and further grow those who are already saved! It is going to be great! And yes, I’ll see you Sunday!