Article 5.29.19

Posted by Dr. Reggie Bridges on

No doubt, summer has begun. You can especially note it around the church life as our calendar is filled with special camps, trips, and events. Whether it is one of our multiple children’s camps or a patriotic program presented by our choir and orchestra, we have many ways for you to experience the summer with your church family. However, I encourage you to look at this season as an opportunity to be on mission with God. With school out and vacation in, summer offers us unique moments to proclaim the Gospel in our community and beyond.

In the next few days, we will deploy some of our college mission teams to areas such as West Palm Beach, Chicago, Calgary, Boston, and Puerto Rico. Later in the month, we will send our older high school students to Puerto Rico as well to work with our college students in continued disaster relief response. Our mission sending efforts will only grow as the summer moves ahead as Temple teams leave for Calgary, Dallas, Birmingham, East Asia, and South Asia. How awesome is that?

Let me remind you that even if you cannot travel out of town, you can be a part of these trips. In what way? Pray! Yes, I’m serious. Your prayer support is vital to the work of the Gospel.  Through your petitions, you join with the short-term teams to impact each area. Pray specifically for each team’s safety and empowerment. Ask the Lord to provide sensitive hearts and lives. And don’t just pray for our short-term teams, but also lift up our long-term missionaries in those areas. Again, you can be a significant part of our mission to our nation (and indeed the world) through your prayers.

Of course, next week allows us another moment to share the love of Christ right here in our community through Vacation Bible School. I admit that my enduring affection for VBS is linked to the fact that it transports me back to my cookie-filled, Kool-Aid-soaked childhood days. Those were wonderful moments when I gathered with my friends to hear Bible stories, make crafts, play games, and sing songs. Today, the greatest aim of our VBS efforts is still to lead children to a stronger relationship with Jesus Christ. My hope is that those children who experience the Spirit’s conviction will be saved and that those who have already expressed faith in Christ will grow in Him. Join me in praying for that to be a reality. Lift up our teachers and leaders as they minister; and encourage your children, your grandchildren, and your neighbor’s children to be here!

What a great agenda the Lord has placed before us as a Temple family! From sharing the Gospel “here” to sharing the Gospel “there,” you remain committed to the divine task. You recognize the need to expand our ministry foundation, and yet you realize how we must reach beyond our walls. What a privilege it is to serve with such a visionary faith family! You are loved!