Article 5.20.20

Posted by Dr. Reggie Bridges on

“All men are created equal, but all ideas are not created equal.” That truth pursued me. Oh, I had held its essence for a long time, but I had never heard it framed in such a way.  The words gripped me. They had been uttered by one of the greatest Christian apologist of our generation, Ravi Zacharias; and as soon as they fell from his lips, they found a place in my heart. Of course, Zacharias went on to detail his proposition by first underscoring that every human being is of intrinsic worth before God Himself. According to him, there is an equality that naturally flows from understanding the Creator’s unique work and empowerment in our lives; thus, respect and love should be shown to all of humanity. But the ideas themselves are not created the same. Zacharias contended fiercely and compassionately that the truth of the Christian gospel, even the very idea of it, is superior to any other religious system. Again and again, he methodically pointed out how God’s work through Jesus Christ is the most coherent, gracious plan of salvation found in the world itself. 

Unfortunately, our culture has reversed Zacharias’ axiom. Individuals act out on their ungodly attitudes of superiority over others while declaring that all philosophical and religious understandings are of equal value. In effect, we have devalued human life while exalting human knowledge. Strange, isn’t it? Even immoral? But that is what happens when we reject the truth of the Creator and accept all ideas as equal. 

This week, the Lord called Zacharias home, and what a reward he must have received! In his earthly life, he treated men and women with both dignity and respect; and no doubt, he contended for the faith which was once delivered to the saints. He was a Pauline figure whom God used mightily to declare the truth of Jesus Christ to a world engrossed in darkness. His welcome into his Lord’s presence must have been accompanied with that blessed refrain: “Well done, thou good and faithful servant!” For us who are left behind, we still have the aim of promoting the value of all humanity while highlighting the exclusive truth of the Lord’s salvation.

This coming Sunday, I look forward to celebrating that reality with you as we continue our ReGathering process. I know I keep referring to this as a process, but I do that intentionally. We know that this is a transitional season and that it will take some time before we can fully ReGather face to face. But oh, how great it was to see some faces this past Sunday, even if some were obscured by masks! It was the first step in the process of reuniting our faith family in a physical worship setting.

And what’s more, decisions are being made! We had a new member join us this past Sunday; and even as some of you read this article, I will be baptizing a young believer. Thanks to technology, you will get to celebrate that baptism with us soon! My friends, God is still moving! And I give Him all the praise for that!

Hope you will join us either on campus or online this week! Don’t forget the service times of 9 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. and invite others to join you! Grateful for your continued faithfulness and love! See you Sunday . . . one way or the other!!