Article 4.25.18

Posted by Dr. Reggie Bridges on

“Count God your only lasting treasure, because He is the only sure and stable thing in the universe.” John Piper’s words often ring true in our hearts . . . especially when we experience the brokenness and pain of our culture. Resources flee, relationships fail, and righteousness fades. We must admit that uncertainty abounds all around us. Yet, Jesus Christ remains the same “today, yesterday, and forever!” He is sure and stable! 

As we live in this confidence, our Lord gives us tremendous opportunity to minister to those who are weathering the most difficult of the storms. We weep with those who weep. We mourn with those who mourn. And as Piper later relates, we take time and touch, if possible, and give tender care to the “wounded in body and soul.” My friends, these individuals are all around us . . . in the community . . . in the church . . . in our families. There is ministry to be done! And it cannot be accomplished through the ministers alone; every believer must take up his/her God-given task. Only through the collective work of our congregation can we truly see needs met. Are you up to the effort? Are you committed to join your brothers and sisters in the mission?

Daily, I express gratitude for you and the work you carry out on behalf of Christ. I am beyond blessed to be your pastor. And I pray that we will see greater days of Kingdom expansion ahead! It is within our grasp because we are in His grip! See you Sunday!