Article 4. 10.19

Posted by Dr. Reggie Bridges on

On the last Sunday of His life, Jesus was welcomed into Jerusalem by the crowd’s cry of “Hosanna” and proclaimed to be the “Son of David.” Little did the multitude realize that the Messiah had entered the holy city with the primary purpose of laying down His life as the one-time, sufficient sacrifice for their sins. During the days that followed, Jesus challenged the religious leaders and taught His disciples as He set His face toward the completion of His earthly mission. Of course, the week culminated with the celebration of the Passover meal, Judas’ betrayal, various “trials,” and Jesus’ death. For many, the week that had begun with a coronation had quickly ended with a crucifixion. 

This Palm Sunday, we will come together to celebrate the cross and its consequences. On the surface, that seems strange, doesn’t it?  Celebrating death? And yet, living on this side of the Christ event allows clearer perspective and reflection. We know that Jesus’ life was not taken from Him, but rather, He freely laid His life down. We also know that His death was necessary for the work of salvation. Only through His substitutionary atonement can we receive forgiveness for our sins! Christ took our death so that we could experience eternal life! And of course, we further know that our Lord’s time in the grave was temporary as He demonstrated the power of resurrection that Easter Sunday morning! Again, we will remember these truths as we worship together this Sunday morning by praising Him through song, observing the Lord’s Supper, and studying His word. 

I encourage you to invite someone to join us for these special days. As I mentioned this last week, studies show that 82% of the unchurched said that they would attend your church if they were invited. The problem? In the last year, only 2% of church members invited someone to church with them. Temple family, we have a great God who is worth telling others about! And we have a wonderful congregation that is worth being introduced to them! Let’s be intentional about inviting our friends, relatives, associates, and neighbors to be a part of what our Lord is doing in our midst! I look forward to seeing you
Sunday . . . with a guest!