Article 3.6.19

Posted by Dr. Reggie Bridges on

Prayer can do anything God can do. When we ask of Him to work on our behalf, we should be confident that He is both willing to respond in our best interest and able to accomplish anything/everything that He desires. He is God! And He is the All-Powerful One! With that said, I want to encourage you to pray specifically for our mission efforts here in North America. There is so much spiritual darkness in Canada and the United States, and the only light of hope is the good news of Jesus Christ.  This coming week, we officially kick off our North American Missions emphasis in which we promote giving, going, and prayer for this Gospel effort. Already, you have given over $10,000 toward our goal of $63,000 for the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering which goes directly to support our missionaries on the field. I give thanks for that! Moreover, many of you have engaged in short-term trips to Calgary, Puerto Rico, Baton Rouge, and other areas. And know how grateful I am for a “going” church like you! But may I draw your attention back to prayer again? And may I challenge you to take a few moments this week to intercede for our North American church planters and their families, the churches themselves, and the communities they serve? 

I was convicted this week as I spoke to a retired (or more appropriately, “reassigned”) missionary who lamented Southern Baptists’ seemingly neglect of prayer during this special season. While he expressed his appreciation for how we all give to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering and for how it is used to financially undergird our missionary force, he spoke frankly, “I would have always preferred to have your prayers than your money. Prayer is what has made a difference.” Uh, yep! Why didn’t I recognize that! Sure, we need to be faithful in our giving, but we must always be faithful in our praying! 

So, let me help focus our prayers by pointing you to the NAMB prayer guide. (You should have received one this past week, or you can find it by going to and looking under the “Resources” tab.) It basically asks us to pray together . . .

Day 1  For God to strengthen our missionaries on the field and

           call more out!

Day 2  For Jorge and Rebeca Santiago, Comerio, Puerto Rico

Day 3  For Philip and Jummai Nache, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Day 4  For Rob and Lisa Warren, Madison, Wisconsin

Day 5  For a Chinese Church Planter, Western U.S.

Day 6  For Muche and Diamone Ukegbu, Miami, Florida

Day 7  For Luis and Beatriz Soto, West Valley, Utah

In addition to these, pray for those you know and/or perhaps those we partner with here at Temple (e.g. Chris/Mindy Flora - Multiply Church, Calgary; Dave Choi - Church of the Beloved, Chicago; Matt/Laura Lawson - Story City Church, Los Angeles; Checkerz/Nicole Williams – Renew Church, Baton Rouge).

Prayer can do anything God can do . . . believe that! And know He can work within us, our church planters, and our churches to make a difference in North America!

Don’t forget to set your clocks an hour ahead this Saturday night, and I’ll see you Sunday!