Article 3.27.19

Posted by Dr. Reggie Bridges on

Reaching people for Christ; that should be the aim of every church; and frankly stated, it should be the personal mission of every believer. This Sunday, we will be both motivated and challenged to accomplish our task in a variety of ways. For example, Tim Elmore will join us for our Sunday services to remind us of the need to make a difference in those coming behind us.  Tim is a well-known, national speaker who founded and now leads the “Growing Leaders” organization whose purpose entails reaching the next generation. He is passionate about understanding the emerging generation and helping adults teach them how to become leaders in their schools, their communities, and their careers. As a youth leadership expert and thought leader in his field, he educates adults to help them understand the challenges and experiences today’s generation faces and connect with them in a way that resonates. We are unbelievably blessed to be able to host him at Temple this Sunday! During our Morning Worship Services, he will address the issue of reaching the next generation. On Sunday evening, he will present “Huge Mistakes Parents Can Avoid” for one hour beginning at 6 p.m. in the Sanctuary. Please commit to being on campus for this important event! I am so grateful for Dr. Galen Turner and the folks of Louisiana Tech for helping us connect with Dr. Elmore. Also, I am thankful for those who provided the Hilan Jackson Series funds that allows us the resources to secure him.

And if that were not enough, this Sunday night at 5 p.m. is the launch of the first worship service at The Springs. Much work and preparation has gone into this moment. Contacts have been made, prayers have been offered, and even remodeling efforts have occurred. Last Sunday, many of you probably heard Bro. George talk about this great work before us, and I hope it encouraged you! Pray for George and his team as they lead The Springs this weekend and into the future. And don’t forget our vision for The Springs: “That it would be a multicultural, multigenerational, multiethnic body of believers, embracing the love of Christ starting in their hearts, surfacing in their home, and spreading to their community.” It is all about reaching people for Christ!

Thanks, my Temple family, for being committed to the work of the Lord! You are loved! And I look forward to seeing you soon!