Article 2.5.20

Posted by Dr. Reggie Bridges on

Wow!  What a tremendous day this past Sunday was!  Although I was not at my best physically, I was empowered by the dynamic community of believers who gathered together. I’m so glad I did not miss it! Whether it was through the Super Bowl Mega Men’s Choir leading the Blended Worship Service or in the celebration of baptisms in both gathering Worship Services, the Spirit filled our worship in a powerful way. I pray you sensed His presence as well. No doubt, the guys who attended the Men’s Retreat returned Sunday with a renewed sense of spiritual vitality and commitment, too. I heard testimony after testimony of how God moved in each man’s life, and I am already seeing transformative fruit from the weekend experience.

I say all this to remind you how blessed we are by the Lord. He is the one who deserves all praise and glory! If His Spirit didn’t convict and empower us, we would not witness such wonderful moments. So, we give Him thanks! And of course, the blessing challenges us to greater faithfulness in our responsibilities to Him. It is imperative that we both live in that blessing and declare that blessing to others. That is why we have set our goals for this year. Remember them? 1100 Gospel Conversations. 100 Baptisms. 275 Short-Term Mission Team Members. 27 New Testament Books.  $1 Million to Missions/Benevolence. To me, these goals remind us of our basic mission as a church—to grow and to go. We grow as disciples through studying His Word and applying His principles to our lives. Hopefully, you have experienced growth already as you have read through portions of the New Testament. (And if you haven’t started, that’s ok! Go ahead and start reading! Don’t wait until 2021!) Moreover, we fulfill our purpose by sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with people whom we come in contact. Remember the green balls? Through those balls, we want to track (as best we can) the gospel conversations that we have this year. When you have shared the good news with someone (a family member, a neighbor, a friend, a complete stranger, etc.), please let someone at Guest Services know. Even if you didn’t pick up a green ball yet, the folks at Guest Services will take care of that for you. But most importantly, plan on telling someone about Jesus this week! Of course, I know that many of you are being evangelistic daily because this coming Sunday we will reach at least thirteen baptisms already for the year!

One of our ministry team members told me the other day that he is probably as excited about this year of ministry as he ever has been. And I answered with a hearty Amen! God is up to something! And He is letting us ride the wave of excitement, growth, and blessing! I am excited to enjoy this time with you! See you Sunday!