Article 2.20.19

Posted by Dr. Reggie Bridges on

Evangelism. The English word is derived from the Greek term which literally means “to bring a good message or to herald good news.” Of course, the word took upon special significance with the work of Christ, and early believers embraced God’s good news, identifying it as the “gospel.” And so today, evangelism both begins and ends with the gospel. Robert L. Hamblin, one of my spiritual heroes, offered his basic definition of evangelism: “Evangelism is the declaration in word, deed, and spirit of the gospel.” In other words, we declare God’s great message through the various aspects of saying, doing, and being. Our evangelism encompasses the whole person and should be reflected through every facet of our lives. With everything that we are, in everything we say, through everything we do, we proclaim the hope we have in Christ. 

Why is evangelism so important? Because people are dead in their sins, separated from a relationship with God, and destined for eternal punishment. Through the good news of Jesus, all who have faith can experience forgiveness from transgressions, fellowship with our Lord, and the certainty of future paradise. Actually, I would contend that is not just good news, but that such a message is awesome news! But again, such salvation only comes through Jesus Himself. Don’t be conformed to the world’s mentality and allow universalism to settle into your spirit. That is dangerous for all involved, even damning for unbelievers. Our concept of evangelism drives us to raise money for missions, talk to our neighbor about his/her walk with God, travel intentionally across the globe, and carry on numerous ministry tasks. We firmly believe that we must take the salvific message to our families, our communities, our nation, and our world. We are desperate people preaching to desperate men, or as the old adage goes, we are “one beggar telling another beggar where the bread is.”

Thank you Temple for being a gospel-centered church.  I see you contending daily for the witness of Christ; and as a result, I am also witnessing more people being baptized, being discipled, and being drawn into the fellowship! Praise be to Him! Let’s keep talking about Him, bragging on Him, and exalting Him! That will continue to make a difference. And if you know anyone who might have questions about his/her relationship with Christ or about his/her place at Temple, encourage that individual to join us for our four-week Connections Class beginning this Sunday, February 24, at 10:15 a.m. We’d really like to get to know them better! And never forget, my friends, you are loved! See you Sunday!