Article 11.4.20

Posted by Dr. Reggie Bridges on

Who’s your one? Who is one person with whom God is calling you to have a gospel conversation this month? Maybe it is a family member that you will see during the holidays or a close friend with whom you share stories and experiences? Perhaps a neighbor, coworker, classmate, teammate, or even a workout buddy? No doubt, there are people all around us who need the power and work of Jesus Christ to be appropriated in their lives. My challenge to you is that you select ONE person who you aren’t sure knows Christ in a personal relationship and share the Lord’s life-giving message with him/her.

Once you have identified your one, let his/her know you care for his/her through what some call “acts of service.” Take him/her for a cup of coffee. Write a note of encouragement.  Text him/her, and let the individual know that you are praying for him/her. And of course, follow through and actually pray for the person! In other words, genuinely demonstrate love for your “one.”

And then, just start the conversation! Perhaps you can use some simple questions to get the dialogue moving. These are some questions that might be used:

What are your spiritual beliefs?

How can I pray for you?

Are you a religious person?

Do you have a church that you attend?

Did you grow up in church? What were taught about God?  Do you believe that still?

May I tell you about the best thing that ever happened to me?

Will you let me share my story with you?

What do you think it takes to go to heaven?

And of course, there are many other conversation starters you might use, but the point is that we must be having these discussions. Such conversations actually bring life! So, this month, who’s your one? Pray, connect, and share!

You see, even in the midst of politics and pandemic, the work of the church continues! We must keep sharing the Gospel with folks. Moreover, we must keep affirming leadership and practicing good stewardship. This Sunday, you will be asked to elect 10 men out of the top 20 nominated to serve on our Deacons Council. And wow! What a great group of guys from which to choose! Pray and follow the Spirit’s leadership as you select those men. (If you are not comfortable worshiping with us on campus yet, you may drive through again and cast your ballot. A deacon will be positioned under the east portico by the Church Office, and he will provide/receive your ballot.) You will also be asked to approve our 2021 budget. As our Finance Chairman, Ivin Hood, explained this past Wednesday, we sought to keep the budget very close to our 2020 plan. There were no “across the board” raises in ministerial or professional salaries. Only the support and custodial staff were given such increases. And as for most of the other additions to the budget? The utilities, insurance, and cleaning contracts account for almost all of the increase. And this is not truly an expenditure increase. We are already spending that much; the 2021 budget numbers simply reflect that. For all practical purposes, 2021 expenditures will remain relatively flat as compared to this year. Only $10,000 in new Cooperative Program giving and a few other small increases have been added. Again, we are not sure what next year will bring (We never are!), but our aim was to be as conservative in our planning and flexible in our practice as possible. Thanks always for how you give and support the ministries and mission of Temple Baptist Church. See you Sunday as we continue the work!