Article 1.10.18

Posted by Dr. Reggie Bridges on

“A church in a prominent place attracts attention. Like a shining city on a hill radiating light in all directions, the church is to radiate the light of Jesus Christ to the world around us. As so graphically described by our Lord in the Sermon on the Mount, ‘You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hid.’” These words were spoken by our pastor, Dr. Robert Magee, as he and the Temple family gathered to celebrate the dedication of our current location. Many of you probably can’t believe that it has been two decades since that great march was made from the Alabama Avenue site to our present location, but this weekend marks that twentieth anniversary of that move. How blessed we have been! Thanks to the vision of the church’s leadership, the foundation was laid for future ministry growth. Our faith family united around a common effort and gave sacrificially of themselves to make that vision a reality. To those who played a role in the relocation, I say a special thanks to you.  It truly is a grand story of the church’s resilience and God’s unique empowerment that deserves to be celebrated again.

Moreover, Dr. Magee’s charge should continue to challenge us as we seek to advance God’s Kingdom. Most would agree that our church campus sits in a prominent position by the interstate and can be seen from a great distance; however, we all know that the church itself is the people. We are the light of the world! We are not relegated to one location, but we are mobile lights! We can go right into the community and radiate the light of Jesus Christ. 

My friends, Temple is still made of people committed to the great cause of our great God. The faith and sacrifice of our predecessors are not just characteristics of our past; they are realities of the present! I see within our congregation the same determination to let God’s light shine through us, and I am even more excited today about our part in His work than I ever have been.

Our supreme commitment to missions is evidenced in our giving and in our going. Our Lord gave us the resources necessary for us to contribute over $148,000 to international missions through the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering! What a praise! But also, we are gearing up for short-term trips to Nicaragua, South Asia, Panama City Beach, Calgary, etc. Our efforts certainly crisscross the globe as we take the light of the Gospel to the nations. Pray for these opportunities and consider joining one of these teams.

Of course, our worldwide endeavors only complement our local ministry. We are totally committed to reaching our own community here in North Central Louisiana. This past Sunday, I announced that our Personnel Committee approved the employment of Bro. George Lee as our new part-time Minister of Community Evangelism. George has church ministry experience, and he currently serves as the Fatherhood Program Coordinator for Life Choices. I believe that he will help us increase our local impact exponentially. Join me in welcoming him, Ciria, McKenzie, and Kingston to our Temple family.

Surely, we are the light of the world. We have been set on a hill. Let’s keep shining as we highlight the good news of Jesus to our community and beyond! Don’t forget, you have a pastor who loves you dearly! And he is ready to see you Sunday!