Article 10.31.18

Posted by Dr. Reggie Bridges on

Leadership. Through the years, God has certainly blessed us at Temple in this area. I know! Because I get to work closely with these men and women daily! Our staff is committed, both personally and professionally, to Christ’s mission. They get along (praise the Lord!), and they are passionate about serving Him and His people! This past Sunday, we added Zach Husser to our team, and we look forward to his work with us. Pray for him and his fiancée, Marissa, as they begin life and ministry together. Of course, we also hope to welcome a Minister to Young Adults to our church family soon. (Keep asking the Lord to lead in that effort.) Thanks for all your encouragement and for all the expressions of appreciation you demonstrated this past month. And always know how loved you are by the staff!

But the church’s leadership is not fully encompassed within the paid employees of the church; it is also demonstrated throughout our membership. For example, our deacons are some of the most spiritually qualified guys I have ever been around. They love the Lord, walk in His ways, repent when necessary, serve with diligence, discern His will, etc. I cannot say enough about them. On November 11, you and I will have the opportunity to add to the Active Deacon Council by selecting ten men from the following list: David Abernathy, Ronnie Ainsworth, Charlie Alexander, Matt Barham, Chris Barr, Mike Collie,
John Corley, Terry Ewing, Paul Frazier, Robert Hearn, Gabe Hogan, Ivin Hood, Tommy Ledford, Rusty Mabry, Tim McCarthy, Bob Myers, Jim Pearce, Walter Scriber, Cullen Simmons, and Leon Stamm. I must admit that it is going to be difficult for me to narrow this list down for there are some wonderful, godly servants on it. (And to be honest, there are several other such men in the church whose names don’t even appear here! That is a testament to the quality of guys at Temple!) Join in praying over these names and be prepared to vote on Sunday, November 11.

No doubt, we see leadership demonstrated throughout other ministries of our church as well: Sunday School, worship, college, youth, children, etc. Whether you are volunteering to help with the Louisiana Baptist Convention or if you are riding a golf cart for security purposes each Sunday, I am so grateful for you! You are a serving group of people!

Lastly, pray for our disaster relief team and their work this week in Marianna, Florida. Ministry still continues there, and we must be faithful to the task. Also, don’t forget about the 2019 Budget Proposal Informational Meeting next Wednesday night, November 7! It is important that we celebrate God’s provision and commit ourselves to His stewardship! See you Sunday!