Article 10.23.19

Posted by Dr. Reggie Bridges on

What a great Night of Worship & Renewal we had this past Sunday night! For those who attended, it was a tremendous time for us to lift our collective voice in prayer and song. We truly poured forth both praise and petitions before our Lord! It was powerful!  And what’s more, I was personally convicted in how we approach God in corporate worship. 

The Psalmist’s words have echoed in my mind over the past few hours: “I was glad when they said to me, ‘Let us go into the house of the Lord’” (122:1 NKJV). Joyful expectation. That is what David was conveying then, and that is what we ought to exhibit now. Every time we gather to worship, we should approach the moment with genuine gladness. I know that can be difficult when you are trying to get kids ready, lunch prepared, etc.! Yet, when we come together with God’s people, there is something powerful and dynamic! Every time! There are no “throw-away” Sunday mornings, Sunday nights, or Wednesday nights. Each moment is a special opportunity to meet with God and His family, and we should be happy for such encounters. 

On Monday, I spoke with a couple who was able to attend church this past Sunday after health issues had prevented them from attending for several weeks. They related to me how encouraged and strengthened they were to be back with God’s people in the corporate context. Even as I spoke to them over the phone, their voices bore out a sense of renewal and vitality. What a testimony to the way our Lord uses such worship events! And what a challenge to us who have been afforded these regular opportunities to attend services.   

I am so thankful that the Lord has granted me great health and allows me worship with the Temple family each week. I do not take that blessing for granted; instead, I gratefully want to take advantage of each worship opportunity. Life is going by too fast for me not to pause with my faith community to give God thanks! 

My friends, let’s recommit ourselves to making corporate worship a priority . . . and in approaching each worship event with joyful anticipation. And let’s pray that He will always delight in the praise of His people here at Temple! 

One last note, God is really doing some awesome things among us right now, not the least of which is expanding our community ministries. The addition of a full-time Minister of Community Engagement will only accelerate the work that is being done. On Wednesday, October 30, the Minister of Community Engagement Search Committee will make its candidate presentation. Hope you can be there for this exciting time!