Article 10.17.18

Posted by Dr. Reggie Bridges on

Marriage is an unspeakable blessing. No doubt! Through the marriage relationship, we experience one of the most rewarding journeys imaginable. We get to explore spiritual terrain together, enjoy life together, work through difficulties together, and even discover the value of real commitment. Outside of intimacy with the Father above, there is no other relationship so powerful!

Of course, we also know that marriage is a challenge as well. Someone rightly noted that newlyweds soon recognize that a marriage license is just a learner’s permit. How true! Within the context of marriage, one finds himself/herself engaged in an unintentional degree program that encompasses seminars on communication, interpersonal relationship skills,
self-evaluation, anger management, and so many more. Now to be honest, these classes are not necessarily lecture-driven (although your spouse may decide you need one!) but rather inductive, “experimental” lab-based settings. For most of us who are married, we realize that we are life-learners in this endeavor, and by faith, we seek His guidance.   

This coming Sunday, we hope to assist you in your own adventure. During our Morning Worship Services, we will first worship the Lord through music, and then we will hear from Steve and Debbie Wilson as they encourage us and our marriage relationship. They will lead us in a more extended time of teaching on Sunday afternoon from 4-6 p.m. Please make this time a priority for you and invite others to be a part of Sunday’s opportunities. I personally believe that Satan is targeting many marriages within our church and our community, and I pray that he will be rebuffed through our efforts. If just one marriage is saved through these activities, would it not be worth it? I recognize that many of you are single and you may think this is your Sunday to skip the worship services. Wrong! If you are hoping to be married one day, you need to hear this material. You can preplan for what is ahead! If you believe God has called you to remain single (which is a gift endorsed by Paul in 1 Corinthians 7:8), you still have married friends who need you to speak into their lives. This Sunday can give you a better understanding of marriage struggles and celebrations. Again, let’s all invite folks to be here . . . children, grandchildren, neighbors, etc.

Finally, don’t forget that we will be hosting a prospective Associate Minister of Music on Sunday, October 28. His name is Zach Husser, and he currently leads worship at Westside Baptist Church in Ponchatoula, Louisiana. Our Associate Minister of Music Search Committee will share more about him (and their search process) on Wednesday, October 24, during 6 p.m. Prayer Meeting/Bible Study. 

God is doing great things in and through Temple Baptist Church! See you Sunday!