2020 Goals


1100 Gospel Conversations. We hope to see at least 1100 gospel conversations take place this year. Why 1100? That's our average weekly worship attendance, so the challenge basically involves each one sharing the gospel with someone else that may not know Jesus Christ. Each person will be given a ball to return when he/she has presented the gospel to a friend, relative, neighbor, coworker, etc. so that we can celebrate each life that has been touched with the gospel. Remember, the heart of our existence is the gospel of Jesus Christ, and we must take His good news to those in our own families and communities.

You may submit your story of your Gospel Conversation below or at Guest Services any Sunday Morning to add your ball to our celebration display!

100 Baptisms. Baptism is a public declaration of one’s submission to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. If we are sharing the gospel with people, then we should expect some to come to salvation. Subsequently, we should urge them to be baptized as they follow Him faithfully. Moreover, those who have never followed through with baptism by immersion ought to be encouraged. We have never baptized 100 people in one year at Temple, but we want to strive to see people begin their discipleship through baptism. Of course, we recognize that only God brings salvations, so we are asking our members to pray for such a movement.

If you would like to talk more about getting baptized you can complete this form here and one of our ministers will be in contact with you!

Talk to someone about baptism

If you would like to be a part of a prayer team, praying for the 100 baptisms you can register below


275 Short-Term Mission Team Members. Not only are we called to reach our own communities for Christ, but we are also called to take His name to the nations. This year, we want to see 275 individuals engage in short-term missions outside of the Ruston area. That is 275 people involved in advancing the gospel in our state, in our nation, and around the globe! See what mission opportunities you can be a part of at


27 Books. Every part of God’s Word (Old and New Testament alike) is divinely inspired and authoritative for our lives. The twenty-seven books of the New Testament, in particular, recount the sacrificial work of Jesus Himself and the Spirit’s empowerment of the church as it carries out His mission. This year, we encourage you to read through the New Testament with us, and if possible, to join a D-Group (discipleship group) to reflect upon His truth. Find more information about reading plans and how to join a D-Group at 2020.temple.life.

New Testament Reading Plan

A D-Group (discipleship group) is a gender-specific accountability group that commits to reading through the New Testament together, journaling through the process, and meeting weekly for a year. To be contacted about being in one please complete the interest form below. 

D-Group Interest Form 

$1 million. No doubt, God has blessed us in order for us to bless others. This coming year, we as a church want to contribute at least $1,000,000.00 to missionary and benevolent causes. Through our Cooperative Program giving as well as our special mission offerings (Annie Armstrong, Georgia Barnette, and Lottie Moon), we want to continue to work with our Southern Baptist brothers and sisters around the world. But, we also want to look for other areas of mission support and gospel expansion. In addition, we should look for benevolent opportunities as we demonstrate Christ’s compassion upon those in need. Specifically, we plan to retire the medical debt of the most vulnerable in Lincoln, Union, Bienville, Jackson, and Claiborne parishes.