Missions Overview

What does ‘missions’ mean?

 The term ‘missions’ in its simplest definition means sending out. Throughout His time on earth, Jesus Christ repeatedly sent His followers out to break the good news about how people could reconnect with God and His Kingdom (Matthew 10, Mark 7, Luke 9, 10). In fact, His last words to them were a challenge to go to the ends of the earth to share the story of what Jesus Christ had done, and how it had changed their lives (Acts 1:8). Followers of Christ are sent out with a pattern for passing on this revolution of the heart, and the power to do so (Matthew 28:18-20).


What does Temple do?

 As people who have experienced the reality and goodness of God, we want others to find that life too. This means that missions is a vital part of our identity at Temple. We go about this calling in a variety of ways, including:

Missions Engagement- We follow a strategy, based on Acts 1:8, for sharing the love of Jesus Christ in our community, our state, our continent, and our world.

Missions Partnerships
- We partner with like-minded missions organizations to send and support long term missionaries, and network with other churches to advance the Kingdom of Christ.

Short-term Teams- We send members for a few days to a few weeks to locations across the globe to share the message of Christ, and support long-term missions efforts.

Other Opportunities- We organize different age-group or gender specific programs to that learn about, pray for, and participate in missions activities.