Article 6.6.18

Posted by Dr. Reggie Bridges on

This week has been a wonderful time at Temple as children overran our campus with excitement and expectation! It was awesome to see these children study, worship, and play together. Not only has VBS encouraged me, but it has also challenged me again with regard to my commitment to the next generation(s). How blessed we are to have children in our church family! And yet how accountable we are to lead them toward a Christ-centered focus! I am convinced that Satan and his forces are attempting to capture the minds of our children and youth; he would love nothing more than to turn their hearts away from God. But the Lord has called us as parents and grandparents to resist that destructive effort. Indeed, He has empowered the church, as well, to contend for the true faith and entrust it to the generations that come after us. My friends, I have been reminded this week that we must do whatever it takes to instill the truth within our children/grandchildren. I ask you to pray that our moments in VBS will reflect that desire. Please ask God especially to save the children who experience authentic conviction and to grow those children who have already begun their walk with Him. 

Of course, our Gospel efforts here are only complemented by our participation in our state, national, and international efforts. This weekend alone, Bro. Loy, Bro. Ben, and their team will be in Baton Rouge to assist Renew Church, a new church plant, in its efforts to penetrate our state’s capital with the good news. They will primarily be involved in sports camps as they cultivate prospects for the church and as they share Christ’s love. In addition, Bro. John and many youth/chaperones will be arriving in Calgary, Canada, to partner with Multiply Church for the week. They will basically constitute an army that will canvas neighborhoods with approximately 45,000 doorhangers advertising the church and its summer activities. This effort will also lay the foundation for our upcoming “family trip.” And meanwhile, Bro. Jason and his young adult team will be finishing up their mission trip in Los Angeles where they are assisting our sister church, Story City Church. 

Isn’t that awesome! We are living “sent” lives here in Ruston, in Baton Rouge, in Los Angeles, and in Calgary this very weekend. And that doesn’t even count the students who are already serving in various areas! 

For those of you who are here this weekend (with me!), we are going to celebrate the wonderful God we follow. We will gather around the Word, worship Christ, and observe the Lord’s Supper. It is going to be great! See you then!