Article 3.7.18

Posted by Dr. Reggie Bridges on

Life can bring us to many decision points and possible frustrations. As I mentioned this past Sunday, my constant struggle is discerning “God Things” as opposed to “Good Things.” Let me explain. I am overwhelmed at the great opportunities I have to make a difference in the church and community. Every day, I find a new possibility for ministry. There are civic responsibilities, mission efforts, service projects, and charitable causes. Moreover, my regular ministry activities—studying, visiting, proclaiming, leading, etc.—all deserve appropriate attention. I am grateful that the Lord expands my territory, but I am also aware that these opportunities force greater stewardship of my time and money. The reality is that I do not have enough of these resources to do everything that comes before me. SO, where should I invest my time and effort? This is where I’ve had to realize that every good thing does not equate to every “God thing” (for me). In other words, I recognize that there are many worthy, moral, and even God-honoring adventures of which I (and the church) can be a part; yet, God has not called us to participate in every one. Thus, there is a struggle to determine which “Good Things” are actually “God Things.” Are you with me here?

And while there is no easy method of distinguishing what ministry to support, I do believe that there are some guidelines. For example, I first try to filter the opportunity through the question: “Does this endeavor enable me to love Him fully and follow Him faithfully?” If not, then the ministry isn’t something for me. Then I consider my priority list: 1) God, 2) Family, and 3) Church. This list helps me prioritize my time. Next, I try to discern if the need is being fulfilled by someone else or by some other ministry. If it is, perhaps I’m not necessary. From there, I turn to prayer and seeking. Through these avenues, I invite the Spirit’s leadership and guidance. And finally, I find counsel from other Spirit-filled believers. These godly individuals are used by God to confirm His guidance. Do I always make the right choice in all matters of life? Absolutely not, but I continue to refine my approach and seek His wisdom. I am especially grateful that I can navigate these decisions with you. Remember that I pray for you all daily as you make God-pleasing decisions, and I hope that you will lift me up as well.

Finally, I want to encourage you to welcome Dr. Ronald Meeks to our Morning Worship Services this coming Sunday. Dr. Meeks is Professor of Biblical and Associated Studies at THE Blue Mountain College in North Mississippi. In so many ways, he was a mentor to me by both challenging me academically and encouraging me spiritually. I cannot overstate how much he has meant to me over the years! You will be doubly blessed to hear him proclaim God’s Word.

I look forward to being back with you soon! Keep praying for us as we walk where Jesus walked!