Article 3.28.18

Posted by Dr. Reggie Bridges on

Easter Sunday! I’m looking forward to this week with great anticipation as we celebrate the power of the resurrection. Certainly, we recognize the necessity of Christ’s sacrificial death, and we rejoice in the reality of His triumphal resurrection. Through His victory over death, Jesus has provided us the power to overcome sin, death, and hell itself. And if we have such strength over these areas, think how we can prevail over the daily struggles that come in our lives! Every day, we can face our difficulties through the power of the resurrection. You see, the historical fact of the resurrection informs every aspect of our lives from providing us forgiveness to dealing with a disease to taking a final exam. Jesus has demonstrated that He is Lord over all, and we, as His children, are privileged to carry forth that power.

And thankfully, we can share that transformative message with those with whom we come in contact. We even have the opportunity to invite them to join us to celebrate the resurrection this week! I hope you have already been about that task and you have prayed for those who might be here this week. In addition, let me encourage you to heed Dr. Thom Rainer’s “nine keys to being a guest friendly congregation” at Easter:

  1. Pray as you enter the property.
  2. Park at the most distant spot available.
  3. Greet people.
  4. Look for people to help.
  5. Sit as close as possible to the front of the worship center. (I know this doesn’t  seem the “Baptist way”!)
  6. Sit in the middle.
  7. Sit closely.
  8. Volunteer to serve.
  9. Pray as you leave.

These practical tips can really foster a welcoming atmosphere and potentially lead to a genuine change in someone’s life.

I have said that we have a great God who has written a great story for us to share. Let’s proclaim it this week as we worship, baptize, and minister in the power of the resurrection! Let’s join together in declaring the words of that old hymn: “He arose a Victor from the dark domain, and He lives forever with His saints to reign. He arose! He arose! Hallelujah! Christ Arose”! See you on Resurrection Sunday!