Article 11.8.18

Posted by Dr. Reggie Bridges on

In just a few days, Baptists from across the state will arrive in Ruston for our Louisiana Baptist Convention Annual Meeting. This meeting is designed to allow us as Louisiana Baptists to worship and fellowship together while we do business that affects our ministry and mission. It is a great privilege to host our Baptist brothers and sisters this year as we have never welcomed the convention to Ruston before! Let me encourage you to be extra sensitive to their presence in our town and extend a spirit of hospitality to them. Also, I hope you will take some moments to join us for some incredible worship and study! You don’t have to be an “official” Messenger to attend; rather, you can just show up! Let me call your attention to some significant times connected with the convention at Temple Baptist Church:

Monday, November 12

5:30 p.m.   Convention Begins; Worship led     by Jeremy Asher and Community Choir

6 p.m. Bible Study by Nik Ripken (author of The Insanity of God)

Tuesday, November 13

8:40 a.m. Bible Study by Nik Ripken

10:50 a.m. Convention Sermon by Jeff Ginn (Pastor of Istrouma Baptist and alum of THE Blue Mountain College)

2:05 p.m. Bible Study by Nik Ripken

2:25 p.m. SBC Emphasis by Johnny Hunt

3:50 p.m. Message by Herb Reavis (Pastor of North
Jacksonville Baptist Church)

In addition to these opportunities, we will join the Louisiana Baptist Pastor’s Conference that will meet at Cook Baptist Church this coming Sunday night, September 11, at 6 p.m. for a worship service of unity.

And oh yeah, don’t forget that we vote on our 2019 budget and our active Deacons’ Council this coming Sunday morning, November 11. Truly, it is going to be a busy, great week! Let’s pray the Lord will move in our midst! See you Sunday!